J ohn Luom better known as Menace c was born on Sept 30th, 1986. Son of two Cambodian refugees making him the first generation of his family in the U.S residing in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Growing up in the Eastside of Lynn, his father filed for bankruptcy and decided to move the family to Stoccton, California where he was exposed to the gang culture. Moving back to Lynn, MA. he was initiated in the gang life and got himself into plenty of trouble, in and out of jail, so his parents decided to, once again, move to Florida.

Being away from trouble, gave him an opportunity to find a passion into something he loves doing, Music. This gave him the opportunity to focus a little on his art by having time to write and practice his craft. With his first child being born at the age of 17 , He finished high school, went to work but was involved in some trouble which cause him to lose his job and arrested.

He decided to move back to Lynn, Massachusetts where he was back into the streets life. After his friend/brother in law was killed in a gang related shooting. There was an uprise in violence which kept him away from his God given ability to create music but after a couple years, the feds cracked down on gangs in the city. With the streets calmed, Menace C took advantage and started to take his craft more seriously. With his 1st video called "Bangin Crip” which went viral in the local hiphop community, he then followed up his buzz with a few mixtapes and several music videos.

With the amount of positive support he got from the community, Menace C has been grinding ever since. With a growing audience who follows his passion. The hungry unsigned artist proclaimed himself as the "CAMBODIA'S SON"and the "CITY’S HOPE" with his own style and being supported by many followers (due to his story telling literature and realism). He hopes to inspire others and become one of the best Asian rappers to ever touch the mic.